4 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

4 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

The majority of people don`t see the full tourist potential that Switzerland has. They usually just think of the snowy mountain peaks, high prices, cheese, and watches.

Switzerland has so much more to offer, every city in that country has its own history and there’s no place we could say it’s not worth visiting. Even though it’s a small country, it has a nature that can cause envy in much larger countries.

Not only is Switzerland one of the richest countries in the world, but it’s also a country with a long tourist tradition. That wouldn’t be the case if there wasn’t anything special to see.

This country offers so many varieties for you to experience – snowy Alps, hiking, camping and enjoying the numerous mountain lakes, unique cities with long history and tradition, rich cultural content, and so on.

Visiting Swiss will be one of the best experiences in your life for sure, so we present to you 4 main reasons to visit this one of a kind and versatile country :

1. The Swiss Alps – winter wonderland or summer hiking paradise

Swiss Alps are one of the most magnificent destinations you can visit and it can be interesting to tourists all year round. Once you visit these mountains, it becomes clear why these are the main tourist attractions in Swiss.

Sunny day on Swiss Alps.
Sunny day on Swiss Alps.

During summertime, the Swiss Alps are ideal for hiking and enjoying numerous lakes. There are tourist routes which are organized in the Swiss Alps. A professional guide leads tourists through the mountains and along the lakes, and there are also a large number of mountain paths as well as camping sites.

Skiing is a favorite activity in winter not only for tourists but also for Swiss people who live in the cities nearby so that’s why the Swiss Alps are the most visited during winter months. Ski resorts located there are among the most famous ones in the world.

Wintertime is when the mountains look like a real winter wonderland, so they represent an unforgettable experience for snow lovers.

Swiss Alps are that type of place where you can never get enough of exploring, discovering new tourist attractions, and enjoying breathtaking nature.

2. The country of United Nations and diplomacy

Switzerland is a country that has a long tradition of political neutrality and it’s known that the Swiss are always suggesting diplomacy as the main way of resolving conflicts and political disagreements between countries.

Palace of Nations in Geneva.
Palace of Nations in Geneva.

Perfect Swiss city for lovers of history, politics, Swiss economic development and luxurious way of life, is the magnificent Geneva. Geneva is a city that is usually called the Capital of Peace primarily because it’s one of the most important locations in the world when it comes to diplomacy. This is also the 7th most expensive city in the world, so everything in Geneva is classy, harmonical, and just in the right place.

All this information gives you the first main characteristics of Geneva – luxurious, one of a kind and a culturally enriched city which represents Swiss main political standards.

The French language is primarily spoken in Geneva, which is expected for a city that is the center of diplomacy. Although Geneva is not primarily a tourist destination, it certainly has a lot to offer.

Switzerland is the seat country of the United Nations and the UN Palace is located in this city, so Geneva presents a real treat for international relations lovers.

3. Streets paved with chocolate

Switzerland is a country where you can buy chocolate with 24-carat gold on every corner –if this isn’t a reason good enough to visit, well, what is? This makes Swiss a perfect location if you’re planning a family trip to this country because kids are going to love it.

Chocolate shop in Zurich.
Chocolate shop in Zurich.

The Swiss eat more chocolate a year than any other nation, and they are also the largest exporters of chocolate. Chocolate shops can be found in every step, and there you can find one of the most quality chocolates in the world.

What’s even more recommended, you can find some local chocolatiers where locals are making their own chocolate for decades! These old family chocolate businesses usually offer their visitors a unique kind of workshop – you can make your chocolate exactly by your taste, by adding flavors and candies you pick for yourself! Again, children will be thrilled!

Every city is chocolate friendly, but if you seek a real sweet tooth treat, visit Zurich. Nestle, Toblerone, and Lind stores are also located in the center of that city. You can also visit the Nestle factory – they have their own train, which takes you to the chocolate factory. It’s not bad at all being a Swiss!

4. This country exudes culture

Rich cultural content can be found on every step in Swiss. No matter which town you choose to visit, there are so many museums, sculptures, fountains and historical sights in each of them.

Museum in Geneva.
Museum in Geneva.

As mentioned Geneva is a cultural peal in a crown of Swiss,  not only because UN palace – there are so many museums worth visiting (like Musée d’ethnographie de Genève, Muséum d’Histoire naturelle, Patek Philippe Museum, Musée d’Art Et d’Histoire), then the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, but also a famous Lake Geneva, St. Peter’s Cathedral and numerous parks and fountains. The list goes on and there are literally countless things to see in Geneva. To make it easier for you, here are 7 places you must visit in Geneva.

Zurich is not a chocolate town – where you can also visit the Swiss National Museum, Lake Zurich, several churches, a unique Zoo, Zoo Museum and so many more.

Basel is also an interesting city with cultural inheritance where you can experience cruising on the river Rhine, see the cathedral of Basel, and enjoy in traditional city bazaars during autumn.

Geneva Botanical Gardens.
Geneva Botanical Garden.

No matter where the road takes you, every town in this beautiful country has its own attractiveness and cultural importance. Keep in mind that the true spirit of Switzerland is best to experience in some less popular places where you can see how locals live and socialize with them.

Ready, set – go!

We could endlessly talk about the beauties of Swiss, but we`ll leave something for your imagination and your personal experience. Tourists usually fall in love at first sight in this country and they visit it for many years. These reasons are more than enough for you to give Switzerland a chance – it might be the best travel of your life!