Places You Must Visit While in Zurich

Places You Must Visit While in Zurich

Even though Zurich isn’t the capital of Switzerland, it’s the largest and the most vibrant city in that European country.

Zurich is known as “small Swiss” because it’s the city where you can come across everything that presents the most authentic Switzerland.

Therefore, Zurich is a city of chocolate, cheese, watches, and banks where everything functions flawlessly.

This city is the perfect location to visit if you’re visiting Swiss for the first time in your life. Every corner of this country has its charm, but if you’re visiting the most breathtaking city Zurich, there are no reasons for you not to enjoy all of the Swiss benefits.

Keep reading to find out what places you must visit while in the largest town in Switzerland :

The old town – an instant time machine

Beautiful old town of Zurich.
Beautiful old town of Zurich.

The old part of the city exudes history and spirit of old times. Therefore, we recommend you to take a walk and enjoy its architecture and historical sights.

When you go head straight in the street called Münstergasse, you will come across Napfgasse street.

This street leads you to the famous Zurich square, which was the centre of European banking development in the 14t and 15th century.

Today Zurich is still the most financially strong city in Switzerland, so you can see how it has this banking tradition going on.

At the square, the so-called Haus Zum Napt house is also located, which is about 800 years old! The house is completely decorated in the Renaissance style and event today it’s a place where cities archives are kept.

Next, we recommend you to look up for the number 17 in Spiegelgasse street in this part of the city. On this address is a house where in 1917 Lenin lived! If you’re a history lover that would definitely be a special treat.

Another impressive sight is Neumarkt street, which is very close. There you can see several buildings for the middle ages. Their outside is so carefully preserved that it shows almost authentically how life looked back then.

Lake Zurich – the social center of the city

Lake Zurich.

How can we mention Zurich without mentioning it’s a prominent landmark: the Lake Zurich. This lake is the central point of Zurich and a favourite gathering place for tourists and locals.

A long promenade and numerous parks surround the entire shore of the lake. There, you can enjoy the presence of water and spend a sunny day relaxing and sunbathing, jogging, and having a picnic. Even swimming is allowed when the weather is warm enough.

Near Lake Zurich there is a beautiful square called Bürkliplatz – it is unique because it has enormous green areas which are decorated with various floral ornaments. This square is also impressive because every year, in time from May to October, there is a huge street market. If you find yourself at that time in Zurich, make sure you visit because it’s an excellent place for shopping!

If you go a little further, about 1.5 km from this square, Zurich Park is located. It was built in 1939 for the National Exhibition of Switzerland.

All this area around the lake is perfect for children and nature lovers who will enjoy all the shades of green colours and floral smell.

Fraumünster church

Zurich, Fraumuenster
Women’s Church Zurich.

Frauminster is a church in Zurich, known for its beauty. The name of the church literally means Women’s Church.

That refers to the founding of the monastery in this particular place. It was the centre for aristocratic women from Europe.

This ladies church was founded by the Swiss ruler Ludwig, and he ordered its construction in honour to his beloved daughter Hildegard.

The church’s architecture was built in the gothic style. What’s even more impressive is the fact that this church was built for the whole 200 years! Its construction lasted from the 13th to the 15th century, although you can see some parts in it’s interior that are around 12 centuries old.

The interior of this church is just as impressive as its exterior, and that’s why you must find time to enter.

The church’s exciting and rich history is the main attraction for tourists, and when they see it’s historical significance, it becomes one of their most cherished memories from visiting Zurich.

Ueltiberg – city mountain with a mesmerizing view

Bird view of Ueltiberg.

The Ueltiberg is the famous city mountain in Zurich that both locals and tourists love to visit. That doesn’t seem strange because you will have the whole city on the palm of your hand when you reach the top.

This mountain is 871 meters high, which is altitude enough for the impressive panoramic views of the city, Lake Zurich and the Swiss Alps as a background.

We don’t recommend you to visit Uetliberg while autumn and winter months – the city usually cannot be seen because of the fog and the hiking routes are covered in snow and ice.

On the other hand, summer and spring are perfect times for visiting this mountain. There are many things you will discover on well-marked routes for hiking and walking in the mountains.

For the sporty tourists, there are even bike routes which are well marked and passable. Therefore, renting a bike in Zurich is the best way to explore the natural beauties of the city surroundings.

If you are not into sports, you can reach the top Ueltiberg by public transport. There are precise maps available which you can buy on every corner in the city. Bus stops are clearly marked so you won’t have a problem finding the nearest bus station.

In case you’re not fan of public transport either you can always hire a personal driver and enjoy the beauties of Zurich. This way you can relax and all you need to think about is enjoying the view!

We didn’t forget about your young ones!

Children are usually not interested in old churches and historical retrospectives but don’t worry.

If Zurich is the location for your family vacation, there are some fantastic places your children will love.

Zurich Toy Museum

Setup from Zurich Toy Museum.

The first on the list is the Zurich Toy Museum. In this museum, you won’t see just some ordinary toys.

There, you and your kids can find out how our ancestors’ toys looked like! Toy collections cover the period from the 18th century to the present day.

By following the museum setting, you are also following the development of the toy industry, but society as well.

Thanks to dolls, you can follow the fashion that has changed through time, and dollhouses are tiny copies of how households looked at different times. How cool is that?

Toy Museum is located in the old part of the city, and it was initially created thanks to the private collection of the merchant named Franz Carl Weber.

Visitors are also given an insight into technological progress because a few years earlier, there were no robots and battery-powered toys.

Zurich Zoo

Elephant house in Zurich Zoo.
Elephant house in Zurich Zoo.

Another place that every child will adore is the Zurich Zoo. This Zoo is home to 340 animal species, and every animal is in its natural habitat because the Zoo is designed so that it is as painless as possible for all the animals.

There are about 4,000 wild animals in the Zurich Zoo, and their behaviour is studied daily by experts. It is one of the best zoos in Europe, and within it, there is also a part with domestic animals, primarily intended for children.

There, they can be in touch with their furry friends and learn how to treat all the animals kindly. In the Zurich zoo, you can see the citizens of the Himalayas, Madagascar, Thailand, the North Pole and every other corner of our planet.

See you in Zurich!

As you can see, Zurich is a city that will delight you, regardless of taste. Even picky tourists will find something that will amaze them.

Zurich may not be the first city on the list of popular destinations, but it is undoubtedly one of those that won’t leave you indifferent.

Zurich is the perfect mix of tradition and modern contents, culture and history sights, authentic architecture which is surrounded by beautiful nature.

You have no choice but to enjoy it!

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