7 Reasons Why You Will Love Yorkies

7 Reasons Why You Will Love Yorkies

In this modern era, making friends represents quite a challenge; hence people are often unhappy and lonely.

People usually perceive dogs as little creatures made for caring and loving. However, recent studies state that owning a dog is highly beneficial for both humans and pets.

Individuals who own a pet or spend a lot of time in the company of animals have lower chances of developing depression, fight anxiety easier, and are more productive than those who dont.

Now, adopting a dog isn’t such a simple decision considering there is a vast number of breeds. It’s important to explore which breed would be best for you and your home since our favourite cuddle buddies come in all sizes and possess different characteristics.

If you’re looking for a cute dog with a sharp attitude and soft fur, consider adopting a Yorkshire Terrier, a breed originally developed in 1800s England.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure if adopting a Yorkie would be a good idea, the text below will provide a couple of reasons supporting the idea.

1. Friendship and Companionship

Yorkies are one of the most devoted breeds when it comes to emotional bonding. Their love is sometimes even considered possessive meaning that you need to be careful when introducing them to another dog. Yorkshire Terriers appreciate the love of their human enormously so be sure to provide them with a vast amount of love, cuddling and affection.

Cute Yorkie in a yard.

Loyalty is another Yorkie signature trait, especially when they are adopted at a young age. These heightened traits make them great life companions for both youngsters and the older part of the population.

2. Therapy Dogs

Also, as mentioned before a significant number of studies speak of the therapy effects related to owning a Yorkie. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, agitation, social withdrawal and high blood pressure adopting a Yorkshire Terrier might be highly beneficial for your mental and physical health.

3. Size and Temperament

As you can see for yourself when looking at their size and constitution Yorkies, look like tiny, cute and furry creatures. For those of you who prefer smaller dogs adopting this little furball is the right choice.

 However, this exact breed is quite temperamental, making them genuine watchdogs. Since they were developed as rodent exterminators, their aggressive attitude held itself to today.

Courage and bravery are often highlighted when talking about Yorkshire Terriers most characteristic traits.

These bold little canines won’t be scared or intimidated by bigger dogs meaning Yorkies aren’t afraid of showing their teeth to anyone, not even large dogs, or unfriendly humans. Be sure that they‘ve got your back.

4. Training and Food Capacity

Training and exercise in any form are essential for all dogs. Besides physical activity following a solid exercise routine helps Yorkies with energy levels, stamina control and even socialising. About that, Yorkshire Terriers are at a low place at training activity requirements for all breeds.

Since they are small and peculiar, they do not require intensive training. Hence a simple walk, playtime or a low, moderate exercise will do it for them. Many of us lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time for excessive dog training.

Adopting a Yorkie would be ideal for those individuals and people who simply want to invest less time in training and more time in cuddling.

Adorable Yorkie in his bed.
Adorable Yorkie in his bed.

We all know certain breeds can eat the whole fridge and have high nutritional requirements. Those basic demands can cost a lot, especially today, when every dollar counts.

As said before, Yorkies are a small breed and relatively cheap to feed as they do not require giant portions. You can learn more about yorkie eating habits by reading “Foods that Yorkie can safely eat“. Make sure to be well educated on the subject as you don’t want to hurt your little puppet.

5. Cleaning, Maintenance and Allergies

Besides, cleaning and maintaining dogs fur can represent quite a challenge for some breeds. Yorkies shed very little and are easy to train regarding everyday habits.

Another plus, which is rare with pets, is the fact that Yorkshire Terriers have hypoallergenic fur meaning that risk of allergies is at the minimum with this breed.

6. Adorable and Fun

Just a simple glance at a Yorkie pup shows how cute and adorable your day can be if you adopt them. Yorkshire Terriers are furry, sweet and charming little creatures filled with love and devotion towards their human. That lovability requires more attention and affection than with usual breeds. 

When Yorkies feel sad and lonely, some might spend the day hauling and screaming. Try to avoid even minimal neglect, provide them with daily cuddle sessions and take care of your snuggle buddy properly.

Besides that apparent cuteness, this breed is exquisitely fun, so try to be imaginative and play with them as much as you can. If you’re feeling creative, explore the internet to find multiple games specially made for entertaining your Yorkie.

7. Highly Adaptive

Adaptation is Yorkies middle name. How so? Well, their small size makes them easy to carry around meaning Yorkies are a portable breed, and they do not require much space, unlike larger dogs.

This unique trait characteristic for Yorkies indicates they can be held in both small and big apartments. At the same time, potty training is reportedly a breeze.

The list of reasons for adopting a Yorkie or two goes on and on and feel free to explore the internet to inform yourself on more perks related to owning this exquisite breed.

Let us know what you think and state your opinion on the subject in the comment section.

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