Hogwards Showdown: Is Hermione or Harry More Powerful?

Hogwards Showdown: Is Hermione or Harry More Powerful?

The books and movies of the “Harry Potter” saga are full of powerful magicians and witches. Among them, especially later on, are Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe).

Even though they never compete against each other, the ambitious Hermione in particular likes to compare herself with her fellow students at Hogwarts Wizard School. And rightly so? Harry finally saves the entire world of wizards from ruin when he defeats Voldemort.

Even if he wouldn’t have made it this far, if Hermione didn’t have to help him survive all the time, she’s not the only one asking the question: Who is the more powerful mage? Not an easy question.

Harry’s Experience, Hermione’s Knowledge

There is one thing that no other Hogwarts student can fool Hermione about: her thirst for knowledge and her eagerness to learn. Already in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” the young witch proves how much knowledge about sorcery she has already acquired before starting school.

True friendship of Harry and Hermione.

She is always the best at school and this is also reflected in her exams: She is ahead of Harry in all subjects in the ZAG tests, except one. In “Defense Against the Dark Arts” Harry scores better than she does. This is undoubtedly due to his biography and experience.

Many duels, the survival of Voldemort’s attack and the omnipresent threat to his life, which he has to defend anew in every part of the series. But what does this mean for their abilities?

Who is Ahead?

The fact that Harry has survived a deadly spell makes him a magician in a class of his own, but when it comes to the debate about who is better at magic and therefore more powerful in dealing with it, his good friend Hermione is ahead.

There is more to a wizard or witch than just the ability to defend oneself against dark magic or to fight it back. Other skills like making potions, transformation and the sheer knowledge of magic spells also make a good witch and in this respect Harry can never hold a candle to Hermione. Harry might be the chosen one and of course both would be lost without the other one in their adventures, but Hermione is more powerful than Harry.

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