YouTube Marketing for Small Business Owners

YouTube Marketing for Small Business Owners

Are you one of those small business owners who despite being willing, find it difficult to build a marketing strategy for their business?

Small businesses, local and online, both face the same deadlock. They are not able to have an effective marketing strategy, without paying to hire a marketing agency.

Most strategies and tactics taught online; address only medium to big level companies. They are hard to be put together by individual business owners.

Not every business owner can write content for blog posts, do copywriting to sell services, and setup sales funnels via email marketing. It’s almost impossible for many.

What about recording what you do as business and let the whole world watch it? Video marketing is the fastest growing trend that everyone is talking about. How to use that? Especially, when you are a small business.

Today, I will take you through some benefits and quick tactics that you can use to boost awareness about your business. I.e., Why start video marketing?

Quick note: I will use YouTube for this, as YouTube is the biggest video platform and second largest search engine.

Why YouTube? The Immediate Benefit

Starting a brand new YouTube channel comes with an immediate benefit, you get your business name listed in the Google search engine results.

How does that benefit you?

It’s your first official presence online!

If someone searches your business name on Google, they would find your YouTube channel. The good news is, for this to work, you do not need to create a website or register anything else.

Just fill in the basic information about your business and you are good to go.

Quick note: Allow 5-7 days for Google to index your newly-created YouTube channel.

Next, you must be wondering about what videos you should upload on YouTube. Hold on and keep reading below, I’ve got you covered.

Claim Your Expertise

Record whatever expertise you or your business have. Let people see that you know your stuff. Share tips and tricks related to your business activity.

A locally-run barber business can share with people small information like:

  • How to know if your hair need a cut OR Hair gels that are good to use in summers

A local pizza shop can publish videos about different pizza dough types and how to make them.

All this content is to prove your expertise in front of your potential audiences. Once they start trusting, they will respect what you do and would like to do business with you.

In the beginning, I would advise against focusing on the image quality of your videos. Focus on content, share valuable knowledge, and keep doing that.

YouTube Video Embed(or link):

Making New York-style pizza at home”, the video was watched by 15 million people in a year and is an example of how much attention these videos can bring to your brand.

Process Oriented Videos

You might already know this. If not, this is the best time you do.

Get your camera (or mobile phone) out and start recording what you do. People love the process! It makes them feel insiders, they find these videos exclusive and share them with their peers to show that they are cool.

What is a process video? It’s a video that shows how something is done, practically.

  • A video made by a pizza shop that shows how their super-expert pizza chef bakes 10 pizzas simultaneously is worth watching for food lovers.
  • The same way, a dance teacher sharing the before/after of a student’s progress after a certain period of time. The video can be pleasing for dance enthusiasts.

These videos are inspiring and force people to take action. i.e., they contact you and book a session or call and book a pizza delivery.

Nobody Knows Your Channel, Yet

The best way you can let people know about your YouTube presence is to invite them to subscribe.

  • Begin with friends and family
  • Share with existing clients
  • Mention on your other social media platforms
  • Target related people with Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC or paid ads are only a temporary solution if you want to accelerate the growth of your YouTube subscribers. Most small businesses would not be able to invest regularly in paid ads.

Once you start getting some views on your videos, listen carefully to what people say in comments. Reply them nicely and try to help. Engagement is the most important factor that is rewarded by YouTube itself. Engagement means that people are interested in your videos and have a say about them. YouTube likes that!


Contrary to popular belief, video marketing is not for big brands only, small businesses run by individuals can use it to their benefit too. YouTube is the biggest and most popular video hosting platform that allows businesses of all sizes to host their videos. There is a huge potential for small business owners if they make videos about their business, its activity, and process. Some videos might end up being viral and the business can get huge spike of customers within weeks.

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