How to use StayKeen for your Business?

How to use StayKeen for your Business?

In this particular article, we address the topic How to use StayKeen for your Business? What is this StayKeen, and how you can use it that way it does benefit your business?

What is StayKeen?

StayKeen is a community of users and people who can share images, text, and videos into a kind of visual entity. StayKeen service can be compared to the competing community of Pinterest, where the idea is the same when users want to share pictures, videos, and information with those who are interested in it. Users can find, read, see, and share in the same way on StayKeen!

At StayKeen, the idea is to give users more control over what they want to share. StayKeen’s developers want to enhance its service by integrating tools into it. These tools will allow people to focus on the things they care about and to experience all in an undisturbed state.

Our opinion is that this service lets its users tailor things smoothly that please them or potentially other outside visitors.

StayKeen is definitely a great platform where sharing information is fun, easy and we think sustainable! Precisely because the users of the service are given priority when it comes to improving the overall performance of the service.

Hey, we almost forgot to say this very good, not tiny but big information regarding StayKeen. The project was started by a variety of Google employees and the idea is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Google. You could say that StayKeen is Google’s own project.

For that reason, you should definitely switch to using the StayKeen service!

But let us proceed how you can use it for your Business!?

How to use StayKeen for your Business?

StayKeen is similar to Pinterest. For this reason, for this platform, you should definitely use a similar plan of action as on Pinterest. Publish photos, text, videos, and unique information on what you do on Pinterest. It is that simple, but however, we recommend that you take a slightly different twist when using the StayKeen service!

Your angle of entry should be a bit different, try to publish things that are like a LinkedIn strategy! The information is the key to success, of course, the information is always important! But in StayKeen this information is more prior than in Pinterest.

When you are publishing things in StayKeen, try to turn publications into grains of information that will then lead the visitor to move to another source. In this case, for example, the company page, product, or brand you represent.

The information is the key in StayKeen. Why is that?

We already said that StayKeen is a project inspired by Google employees. Their idea is to use the services provided by Google on Staykeen as well! So, users of the service have the potential to do things that take advantage of other Google services.

What services does Google offer in general? Google provides information to those who look for it. At StayKeen they want to do it similarly, they want to provide information to the people who are looking for it! That is why you should definitely make your post informatively rich, where you provide more quality over poor knowledge.

How you can make a good StayKeen post?
How you can make a Good Staykeen Post

How you can make a good StayKeen post?

Your StayKeen post should definitely provide quality information that gives other users qualitative content. There are already lots of StayKeen guides, tips, and tricks. But let’s go through these tips and ideas again in our customized guide. So how you can make those good StayKeen posts?

Make your publications through these tips and tricks:

  • Each StayKeen post should contain a minimum of 2 – 3 sentences, where you tell something about your thing what you are promoting or sharing.
  • Those posts should contain hashtags! Of course, hashtags, which tell what that publication wants to reflect. About 3 – 4 hashtags if your sentence is 2 – 3 long.
  • The Title is important, and it should be a minimum and almost a maximum of 6-7 words. The title of course should reflect the theme of that publication.
  • If your post is leading to some other place, website, or some other thing, that link should reflect the title.
  • Of course, you also need to specify an image or video for that publication. If you add a link to your post, the StayKeen service will try to find the image if you haven’t attached it yet. If you attach an external image, keep in mind that it should definitely reflect the information in the publication you want.

StayKeen and Google Search Engine Optimization works and can provide the right kind of content for those interested in the information.

When someone searches for something, StayKeen and Google will provide info to the seeker of what the users are looking for.

We hope you liked our article and that it will benefit you in your business. Also, we hope you got the information you were seeking for. TheMekong magazine strives to bring quality informations to its viewers.

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